Plovdiv first presentation

After successful meetings with readers in Varna and Veliko Tarnovo left with Stani for Plovdiv.

Ancient glass from the 7th century BC, Roman mosaics from the 3rd century AD, Late Antique building are part of the Cultural Center – Museum Trakart in Plovdiv. Among this ancient decor we made another exiting trip with my guests – this time in the modern, but far from our native land – to where flows Light of the East.

It was a memorable evening of October 19.

with Iliana Nancheva


I was presented by Iliana Nancheva – editor of internet radio Tatkovina \Fatherland\ – media I work for during the last six years as a correspondent of the Far East.. The audience – inquisitive, intelligent readers with an adventurous spirit, a lot of questions, hot tea after a traditional tea ceremony presented by me, fans from Penglai, a book from bamboo tiles, the images of Four Chinese Beauties, real women, who have changed the course of the history… Gentle sounds of Chinese music and song for the couple birds love…

beautiful flowers


Emmy`s paintings travel everywhere with me – “Girls”, “Ancient Gate”, “Tea Ceremony” and “Bridge over the Lake”. They warm me and autumn evenings, bring me comfort and complement in a picturesque way the perception of the book with the fresh youthful look of the artist on Chinese culture.

The conversation continued long after the show.

The interview, which took me Dora Bashakova journalist was broadcast on Radio Plovdiv on October 23 morning.

after show

“Light from the East” can be found in “Ciela” in Mall of Plovdiv; “Ciela” and “Paragraph 22” in Varna; “Helikon” and the University bookstore in Veliko Tarnovo and in “Peroto” in Sofia. The price is 15 lev.





Plovdiv first presentation

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